In 1997, he received the honor of designation as an Important Intangible Cultural Property (a“living national treasure”), as the greatest figure in the representational art form of Japan,Kyōgen.Born Tarō Nomura, the oldest son and apprentice of the late sixth-generation Manzō Nomura(also a “living national treasure”), he made his first appearance on the stage as the babymonkey of Utsubozaru at age 4. From early on, he performed the great classical works, whileexpanding his range of skills in the direction of and performance in new kyōgen productions,shingeki dramas, and television dramas. He established the combination of the Maika andMonomane recited by Zeami as orthodox kyōgen, and is unmatched in the standards of hiswell-refined, high-caliber style and grace. Starting with the International Drama Festival inParis in 1956, his nōgaku group has taken part in a multitude of public performances abroad,introducing kyōgen to wide audiences overseas and striving for its popularization. Today, inaddition to his busy engagements with the stage, he commits himself to rearing the youngergeneration and devotes his energy to the advancement and development of culture and theperforming arts, as chairman of the Japan Council of Performers’Organizations (1997-present).Awards and recognitions received include, among others, the Purple Ribbon Medal (1994),Member of the Japan Art Academy (2001), and Person of Cultural Merit (2008).

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