Straight from Seville the Capital FLAMENCO and ECHO ARTISTS are pleased to present one of the  the most stunning visual experiences ever to be caught on stage...

FLAMENCO will take your breath away!

 ..Flamenco is a very popular and expressive form of dancing. It encompasses happiness, anger, sadness, fear, love and passion, through the medium of breathtakingly raw-energy and  vibrant dance.  To be a spectator in a Flamenco show  is to  be drawn into it's highly charged, emotional narrative.  It shares  roots from diverse countries though Rhythm, Movement, Music and Song Styles making this eclectic mix of cultures truly unique. Once a preserve of Gypsies is now part of  the main stream entertainment and famous throughout the world 


The USA now hosts numerous Flamenco shows and Japan has more flamenco academies than in Spain. Flamenco has recently been declared one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.



4 Women​

Filquel Silverio

Flamenco Suite